Have you created a ROM hack for EarthBound? Is there a tool you’d like to be displayed on the Downloads page? Do you have some documentation which might benefit other hackers? Contact Lyrositor on the STARMEN.NET forums with details.

Submitting a Hack

If you want your hack to be featured on the EarthBound Hack Vault and it hasn’t already been put up, or if you’d like to change your hack’s entry, be sure to provide the following information (otherwise, you’ll have to deal with whatever Lyrositor’s warped and twisted mind comes up with as a substitute):

  • A name (shocking, right?).
  • list of all the authors (at least, all the ones you feel contributed significantly to the project; please make a distinction between those directly involved and those who should be thanked in the credits, if any).
  • description for your hack, preferably a short one (to be featured on the sidebar, in the patch metadata and whenever a short description is needed somewhere else) and a long one (to be featured on the hack’s article). Feel free to send images, but they might not all get included.
  • screenshot to be used as the article’s featured image. Screenshots should be either 512 by 448 or 256 by 224 and should highlight a representative aspect of your hack. If you don’t provide one, a semi-random screenshot from some point in your hack will be chosen instead.
  • version number or label.
  • And, if you’re feeling generous, an EBP Patch, created with EarthBound Patcher. Lyrositor can generate those himself, though. EarthBound Hack Vault does NOT accept IPS patches.

EarthBound Hack Vault will always ask for your permission before distributing your hack. If you want it removed, PM Lyrositor for it to be taken down.