HyperBound is a completed hack created by Micheal Iantorno, a.k.a. HyperBound, as part of his thesis project at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Using EarthBound as a basis, HyperBound is a completely new game which explores new concepts such as non-linear narratives and spacial storytelling, using a video game as an interface. The information the player uncovers and the choices he makes based on the information he finds affect the outcome of the larger unfolding story. In the words of its creator:

While entrenched in the world of HyperBound the user becomes the protagonist; with the ability to explore, get lost, and discover secret paths within the narrative. HyperBound’s core gameplay mechanic is the use of glitches as a metaphor for mental deterioration. One of the central trials of the game’s story takes place inside the protagonist’s mind. If you fail this challenge, then the game world crumbles in a video game way: garbage blocks muck up the screen, dialogue becomes scrambled, and some content even becomes inaccessible.

HyperBound has met enormous success since its release in 2007, having been downloaded thousands of times over the years, and continues to be one of the best EarthBound hacks available for download.

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Video Review/Documentation Video by HyperBound:

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