Holiday Hex

Holiday Hex

Description taken from the Holiday Hex thread on the STARMEN.NET forums.

Holiday Hex - Screenshot 1Which one is better, Christmas or Easter? Are Christmas trees disgusting? Why is it Christmas Eve today, I thought that was yesterday? Holiday Hex answers all these questions in an action-packed knock-your-socks-off I-need-to-sit-down kind of way.

You take the roles of Tina and Kyle, two best friends who love Christmas. And now it’s up to them to save Christmas. I wonder what will happen next.

Holiday Hex - Screenshot 2What we have here is an EarthBound ROM hack, meaning it’s an entirely new game being played in EarthBound’s original engine! Brought to you by H.S and Mr. Tenda, two of the self-proclaimed greatest names in PK Hack, this hack delivers all-new characters, all-new text, all-new maps, and even some all-new music by Reg! Cool, huh?

This hack was a submission by Mr. Tenda and H.S to the 2012 Holiday Funfest. It was made in about 40 days, and it is a complete hack. Even if it’s not super long, this hack should serve as a demonstration of what’s possible these days thanks to advancements such as CoilSnake and CCScript.

Forum Thread: Holiday Hex : A brand-new, COMPLETE hack!


  • Mr. Tenda and H.S: Authors.
  • Reg: Custom music and title screen.
  • Captain Bozo: Technical information.
  • Blue Antoid and EB_Girl: Inspiration.
  • AnyoneEB, Goplay, Micheal1 and Mr. Accident: Various PK Hack contributions.



  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Initial release.

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