Hacking EarthBound is made easier by several tools and extensive documentation. Here are a few of them (more can be found on the PK Hack website).

EarthBound Patcher

EarthBound Patcher is a ROM patcher for EarthBound, used to create and apply hacks. Since it is written in Python, it is cross-platform by nature; binaries are also available for some platforms:

WindowsWindows: EBPatcher_Setup.exe
OS XOS X: EBPatcher.dmg (Currently unavailable)
LinuxLinux/Other: EarthBound Patcher must be manually run with Python 3; follow the installation instructions on the EarthBound Patcher page.

Source: Lyrositor/EBPatcher


CCScriptWriter lets you edit EarthBound’s dialog using CCScript and Python 2.7. For full installation details, read the installation instructions.


Source: Lyrositor/CCScriptWriter

EarthBound Hacking 101

EarthBound Hacking 101 is a documentation project by Lyrositor for EarthBound. It covers the basics of EarthBound hacking.

Download: EarthBound Hacking 101 (latest edition)